22 January 2020

Can minors rent a property?

If you’re a landlord, perhaps you’ve wondered whether you’re allowed to rent your property to a minor. There are various reasons why someone under 18 may need to rent a home, such as studying in a different city, work situations, etc. Children and young people who have not yet turned 18 are considered minors. Being […]

Reasons to terminate a rental agreement

14 January 2020

Any rental contract may be terminated once the first five years are complete in the case of rentals between private individuals, and seven years if the landlord is a bank or company. There are also other grounds for terminating a rental agreement. These grounds aim to offer more security to landlords and tenants in accordance […]

What does it mean to be a tenant?

12 January 2020

A tenant is a person who has the right to live in and use a property in exchange for rental payment, which is normally paid at the beginning of each month. The tenant is responsible for providing the rent to the landlord or lessor. Being a tenant also means being responsible for the rental property […]