What is HolaHome?

HolaHome is a mobile and desktop application that allows you to digitalize most of the procedures related to housing rental. One of the main advantages is that it saves both landlords and tenants time and money, and its purpose is to improve the rental management experience. The tools that make up the platform optimize all phases of the leasing process, from payment collection and processing insurance and contracts to incident reports and procuring services. HolaHome not only improves all of these processes because it facilitates faster and safer transactions, but it also makes them more transparent for everyone involved. Behind HolaHome is a capable and flexible team of real estate professionals who firmly believe in new technology and its ability to renew a sector that has as much potential for improvement as the real estate business.

Why has HolaHome changed?

Because HolaHome’s business strategy is based on continuous improvement. This means that an essential part of our business consists of analyzing the actual needs of our clients, and expanding our services and improving existing processes based on these needs. This philosophy of change and continuous adaptation is what best defines us as a brand and as a team. We are a startup company in the proptech sector that wants to lead the change that is already taking place within the real estate industry, because we believe that this sector will only lead to improvements when there are knowledge-based changes and the creation of new opportunities for all.

What has changed with HolaHome?

Up to this point, HolaHome had only been concerned with managing rentals that were already formalized, meaning once the contract had been signed. Now we offer a comprehensive service that begins long before a contract is signed.

Now, HolaHome can help landlords find the best tenant for their home, stay by their side throughout the entire contract, renew or end that contract, and then start the process over again looking for new tenants. Tenants benefit from the same experience in that we help them right from the first moment when they start looking for an apartment, and we guarantee our support until the contract ends and the deposit is returned. This process chain includes the initial signature, online monthly payments, incident resolution, home and non-payment insurance, legal advice and much more.

Why should I rent my apartment through HolaHome?

• Because we are a skilled, innovative team with a long history in the real estate sector.
• Because we offer comprehensive service at a very competitive price.
• Because we find you the best tenant.
• Because we protect the first year’s payment at no cost to you.
• Because we offer personalized plans for every person.
• Because we bring transparency, security and innovation to the real estate sector.
• and because in addition to specific services, we are now ready to offer you comprehensive service.

What if I just want to market my apartment but I don’t want HolaHome to manage it?

No problem, we can also help you sell your home. HolaHome offers both comprehensive and single-event real estate services. We study each case individually and accommodate all of the specific needs your home may have.

What does comprehensive service mean?

Literally everything: checking the condition of the apartment, doing inventory, going over all of the paperwork, suggesting the rental price, promoting the property through the most professional and prestigious portals, dealing with the requests of future tenants, selecting applicants and ranking them, securing payment, doing viewings, proposing the best contract and sending it to be digitally signed, delivering the deposit to the appropriate agency, etc. Additionally, we also take care of charging the tenant their rent and paying it to the landlord, handing over the keys, incident management, choosing local suppliers, transferring utilities, opting for green energy, providing accounting information and, since we have no doubt that everything will go well, renewing the contract.

Behind HolaHome

HolaHome has a team of real estate experts who use new technology to bring added value. Our online tool allows you to digitalize the rental process, saving you both time and money. The platform is there for you throughout all phases of the rental process: tenant, payment, insurance, contracts, incidents, etc., with transactions that are faster, safer, transparent and more efficient.

How much does HolaHome cost?

For landlords, our comprehensive service has a monthly cost of €35 per property, including VAT.
For tenants, HolaHome has a single monthly total management cost up to a maximum of €800, including VAT.
If you have more than 10 properties, call us and we can go over your case individually.

How will my apartment be advertised?

All properties managed by HolaHome are promoted only on the best real estate portals: Idealista, Fotocasa and Pisos.com, and they are also promoted on our website. Likewise, we also search for possible interested parties within our tenant database.

How much does HolaHome charge me to market my apartment?

At HolaHome we only charge you for management expenses, and we charge a monthly rent up to a maximum of €800.

Who is responsible for apartment viewings, myself or HolaHome?

One of our rental apartments experts will do the viewing to ensure thar everything goes smoothly.

What about the deposit?

HolaHome is responsible for delivering the deposit to the appropriate agency in each autonomous community. We recommend requesting for one month deposit and two months additional guarantee in case it is necessary to fix any issues or damages caused by the tenant at the end of the agreement.

How are rental payments managed?

HolaHome is in charge of the management of collections and payments. It is the tenant who pays the monthly payment on a monthly basis by direct debit. The charge to the bank is made every 5th of the month. Once the monthly payment is settled, the owner will receive the payment in his account every 20th of the same month. 

What does it mean when you say that HolaHome will find a good tenant?

A landlord’s primary concern is finding a tenant who respects the property and pays the monthly rent. We have made this our own concern, and turned it into one of our main missions.
In order to do this, HolaHome goes over the applications of potential tenants in detail to ensure that they meet the necessary economic requirements. Once this phase is complete, the best applicants are ranked and presented to the owner. The DAS Seguros insurance company also takes part in this selection process.

Can I refuse a tenant even if their application has been approved?

Of course. While we typically send more than one applicant so the landlord has a choice, in the event that there is only one option, the landlord can always dismiss them, although they will be responsible for any associated management costs.

Why does HolaHome provide me with non-payment insurance?

Because our mission is to find the best tenant! We want to be so sure that the chosen tenant chosen is the right one that we’re willing to pay for the first year’s insurance.

What kind of coverage does non-payment insurance entail?

This insurance covers the first year of rental and includes six months of non-payment. The insurance, which also covers legal assistance, is activated the second month of non-payment since the first month is the deductible. From then on, up to six months of unpaid monthly payments will be covered. After that first year, we recommend that you take out more insurance for following years; we can offer this to you at the best price.

Can I renew my coverage after it ends?

Yes, definitely. On top of that, we have negotiated the best price, with the coverage that best meets your needs.

How are contracts signed? What about ending a contract?

HolaHome signs and ends contracts digitally. The process is very quick and easy. In order to sign, you’ll receive a notification via email or SMS that contains a link. Clicking this link will open a window where you can sign. You’ll also be able to view the contract, and once it has been signed by both parties you will immediately receive a copy.

How are incidents handled?

Tenants must have home insurance due to the long list of advantages offered by this coverage, both for the tenant and for the property. This insurance is activated once an incident occurs. If the incident cannot be resolved through the insurance, we have a list of local tradespeople who can help us solve any issue. Once we have evaluated the incident, we choose the best tradesperson and send the quote to the property or the tenant for approval. They will take action as soon as possible, and at the lowest possible cost.

Can I speak with the tenant directly?

If you wish, yes. We will provide you with their contact information. However, communication and management is always done by HolaHome.

Help and advice

Our experts are available to give you advice, support you or help you with any incident that may arise, whatever it may be. Feel free to contact us!

Why should I rent my apartment through HolaHome?

Firstly, because when you use HolaHome, you’ll know exactly how much the whole process will cost you even before you start. Secondly, because HolaHome puts a team of experts and tools at your disposal that can digitalize most of the process and therefore save you a considerable amount of time and money. Renting a home with HolaHome lets you know what your cost will be right from the beginning. Also, HolaHome has a great team of professionals that save time and money by digitalizing the majority of the process.

What benefits do I have as a tenant?

HolaHome is the fastest and most effective way to find a home that meets your needs. Signing a contract, incidents or changes are fixed with just a few clicks. It’s no longer necessary to chase anyone down or to wait on calls or documents. The whole process is easy, transparent, secure, automatic and online, without paperwork or complex contracts.

How much does it cost to rent a property with HolaHome?

The price is the monthly rent, up to a maximum of €800 including VAT. Also, you only pay once you actually enter into the contract.

How does HolaHome find my ideal apartment?

By analyzing the criteria and needs of each future tenant. That includes the location of the property, the number of rooms, the price, and any variables that can help us get a clear and precise picture of your ideal apartment or house.

What do I need to do in order to view a HolaHome apartment?

Before planning to visit the apartment, HolaHome needs to check the credit rating of each tenant. This analysis allows us to confirm that you are the ideal tenant, and gives the landlord a guarantee that the apartment is in good hands.

What documentation do I need to provide as an applicant to rent a apartment?
  • Your National ID Document (DNI) or Foreign National ID Number (NIE).
  • Your monthly net income. If there are two or more people, the sum monthly net income of all those who would be renting the apartment.
  • Specify your employment situation. Choose between: waged employee, self-employed, unemployed, student, public servant, retirement pension, other pension, widow’s pension, no income.
  • The date you finished your last job.
  • Your last three pay stubs. Important: these must indicate your workplace seniority.
  • If you have a contract of less than one year, an employment history report.
  • If you are self-employed, your last income tax statement. 
Why do I need to provide this information before the viewing?

To save you time. Oftentimes housing prices don’t line up with an applicant’s financial situation. The sooner we know whether the apartment you are interested in is also a realistic and accessible option for you financially, the better it is for you.

What does HolaHome do with my information?

HolaHome only uses your data during the applicant selection process, and it is protected at all times by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Some of your data must be sent to the DAS Seguros insurance company, our partner responsible for issuing the non-payment insurance policy once a rental contract has been signed.

Can my rental application be rejected?

It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally an applicant is denied. If this happens, it is for one of two reasons:
• There was an issue with the credit check.
• The landlord has canceled or rejected the application.
If this is the case, you will be notified as soon as possible. Regardless, you can always contact us via email at hola@holahome.com.

How are contracts signed?

The signing of the contract is one of the simplest steps and, like other procedures, it is done completely digitally. The signature can be done from anywhere and in a few seconds through a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer. To carry out the signing of the contract, the tenant will receive an email or an SMS informing him that the contract is already available to be signed. The contract will be drafted and approved before signing and once the proposal is approved.
To create the digital signature, HolaHome works together with the ViaFirma platform, the leading company in digital signatures and document, contract and communication certification. ViaFirma offers high-quality service that guarantees the legal protection of all digital documents and transactions.
You will receive an email with a digital copy of the contract, and there will always be a copy at your disposal at HolaHome. In order for the contract to be considered valid, it must be signed by both parties.

Why is it necessary to take out home insurance?

HolaHome tenants must take out home insurance that covers their personal assets and protects them against possible third-party damage. This is a policy that offers the best conditions because it protects against any incident that could happen to the property.

Is it home insurance?

It’s much more than that, because it also includes third-party damages.

How is rent paid?

By direct debit. HolaHome is responsible for processing the payment through the bank and sending the rent to the landlord.

Can I speak with the owner directly?

Yes, if both parties wish to do so. Otherwise HolaHome is responsible for intermediating between the two parties.